Experience the best a gaming convention can offer. All the biggest tabletop gaming systems in a great venue with an experienced and friendly crew of organizers and staff. 




As the premiere East Coast tabletop gaming convention, the NOVA Open is a place where gamers, artists, and enthusiasts of all ages and interests can meet, compete, and experience the best gaming has to offer. We host tournaments, seminars, demos, and even live music for dozens of game systems in many styles and at all levels of play.


Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Meet the hosts of your favorite tabletop wargames! With a team of vibrant, dedicated volunteers and charismatic leaders of the gaming communities, the NOVA Open easily has the best staff for a gaming convention, whom put fun first! Come see who is hosting your favorite game systems in 2018!



Boasting easily the best venue for both you and your family, the NOVA Open convention has never disappointed with its amazing Hyatt Regency host accommodations, or with the large selection of activities in the D.C. area! Come to the NOVA Open for great gaming and a travel experience of the nation’s capital at our special discount rate!