The NOVA Open is a miniature tabletop wargaming convention based in the Washington D.C. area.

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The plans for NOVA Open 2014 are more ambitious and exciting than ever before! The Convention will host its first Demo Alley. Tabletop Olympics, a NOVA Open individual & group achievement program, is being rolled out. A plan to provide the masses with fast, low-cost, nearby, outstanding meals with great variety has been sealed.


40K GT is prepared to host another 256 players with Torrent of Fire scoring support.

Invitational is drawing more of the top players nationally and internationally.

Trios Team Tournament will debut as a one-day Thursday event.

NOVA Open’s own Narrative leads bring exciting new ideas sure to thrill.

Fantasy is back, with a new lead and the NOVA Open build team is creating top-notch terrain to their exacting standards.

Warmachine/Hordes’ Masters Tournament has been chosen as a Warmachine Weekend 2014 qualifer.

Flames of War is introducing Junkyard Battles to add some good, clean fun to the lineup of events.

Infinity, with two dynamic co-leads, is leading the NOVA Open build team in creating some of the best and most prolific terrain imaginable.

X-Wing lands at the NOVA Open 2014 as a new system with two strong leads and a lot of exciting plans for new, creative and innovative play.

Malifaux is also launching at NOVA Open 2014 with two impassioned leads and promises to be a big draw with a lot of fun events in the mix.

Blood Bowl rounds out the slate of new events; as the game in highest demand by the staff for years, it ices the cake for 2014.


The Capital Palette, NOVA Open’s miniature art competition, is preparing for its best year with a new location and improvements to lighting, display cases. It is also inaugurating the Artists’ Raffle, adding to the many opportunities for artists to win great prizes.


The NOVA Open 2014 will offer at least thirty (30) hobby seminars, taught by seven outstanding instructors, with more topics than ever before. The schedule has been designed to allow players and attendees from all events to have dozens of opportunities to learn these special skills at the feet of the masters.


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