The Tabletop Olympics (TTO), which started in 2014, is a free personal achievement and group competition where anyone who attends the NOVA Open can participate. Players accumulate personal “forever achievement points” and can also form groups of 3 to 20 people to compete against other groups. Points can be amassed individually and/or combined with other attendees if individuals band together for group points. In addition to tracking points for teams during NOVA Open 2017, we will also keep track of cumulative points for individuals that accumulate across NOVA Open conventions.

If individuals form groups, they need a Point of Contact (POC/Captain) and a group name. The POC must verify the name is not already taken by registering it with the NOVA Open. POC must also submit/verify list of NOVA Open registered members. We recommend that individuals form groups early; groups can consist of individuals participating in a range of point generating activities. Groups must email through August 15 or can register their group onsite at the NOVA Open registration desk.

In addition to earning points by participating in activities, teams can also earn points through team spirit and good sportsmanship. If a team is witnessed by the NOVA Open Staff supporting their fellow team members in a tournament through cheering or wearing team shirts, they will be awarded bonus points depending how strong their team spirit is. If the NOVA Open Staff witnesses a team member going out of their way to help individuals, they will also be awarded bonus points that is up to the discretion of the staff member.

Winning Group and Winning Individual will have their names permanently emblazoned on the NOVA Open Olympic Torch Trophy and the NOVA Open Olympic Torch Banner. As a participant in the Tabletop Olympics, every individual point earned equals an additional chance of winning a prize in the Final Ceremony Raffle. Check-in required; and check-in adds another entry in your name. You must attend the Final Ceremony to pick up the prize.