At the NOVA Open, we believe when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade. Therefore, we run the annual Lemonade Raffle – where you can win for losing!  For every tournament round you lose, your event’s Tournament Organizer will enter your name into our raffle pool. For example, if you lose one (1) round, you will have one (1) entry in the Lemonade Raffle, if you lose five (5) rounds, you will have five (5) entries in the Lemonade Raffle, and so on.  

Drawing Dates and Times
The Lemonade Raffle does not occur on one specific day of the tournament, but rather is staggered over three days (Fri-Sun).  There will be 11 different drawings:

  • Four (4) Drawings on Friday

  • Four (4) Drawings on Saturday

  • Three (3) Drawings on Sunday

Drawings will occur at 10:00am, 1:00pm, 4:00pm, and 7:00pm. On Sunday, the 7:00pm drawing will held during the Final Awards Ceremony. 

Throughout the weekend, over 300 Lemonade Raffle prizes will be awarded.  There will be many different types of prizes that Lemonade Raffle participants will be eligible to win. The prize value will change from item to item, however as the weekend goes on the monetary value for the prizes increase. 

Prizes won throughout the weekend may be delivered tableside to you in person or may be claimed any time after the prize is announced until a half hour before the Final Awards Ceremony, but after that time prizes will be forfeited. 


At the end of every NOVA Open, throughout the Final Awards Ceremony, the final raffle drawings occur - for the highest valued items given away all week!  These prizes in the past have included anything from a full set of Secret Weapon Miniature Tablescapes to a Grex Airbrush and Compressor to dozens of KR Multicase products! To be eligible, you must check in to the Final Awards Ceremony and be present if your name is drawn.  Every NOVA Open participant that checks in for the Awards ceremony will be entered into the raffle once.  Even if you have not participated in any Tournaments or Seminars, you may still be entered into the raffle as long as you have a NOVA registration. Other entries can be gained via participating in the Tabletop Olympics.