The NOVA Open’s 40K GT is an eight (8) round tournament. After Round four (4), your record will be effectively reset, and you will be seeded in a bracket of 15 other players closest to you in win-loss record. Bracket seeds are determined by the total points you score in Rounds 1-4. Once the event is bracketed, you will play exclusively within your bracket until the completion of the eighth round. All players are expected to complete all eight rounds, unless they indicate withdrawal on their Round 6 scorecard to participate in alternate Sunday activities.



The NOVA Invitational is just that, an invitational tournament aimed at bringing together some of the most dynamic, talented, and interesting players in the 40K tournament scene for an intense, challenging test of skill to kick off the many varied 40K events happening throughout the NOVA Open weekend. If you're interested in seeking an invitation, or know someone you think is ideal for it, contact customerservice@novaopen.com. Be aware the process of handing out invitations can be a painstaking one, requiring the organizers to confirm each invitee's attendance prior to sending out second and third round invitations for this limited-spot event. By Invitation Only: Two Days; 32 Top Players. Password supplied to qualifiers. Send inquiries to customerservice@nova.com



The NOVA 40K Narrative is a high-quality wargaming experience based on an ongoing story in an original science fiction universe played using Warhammer 40K game rules. It is team-centric, with players organizing into two alliances and collectively making strategic decisions such as campaign objectives and match pairings. Most importantly, it is a narrative campaign, not a tournament. Stellar play and notable achievements are recognized, but the focus is on social gaming with a strong narrative tilt. The missions are themed, and matches may hold surprises: Opponents may be working toward covert objectives you don’t know, or have a secret resource or stratagem that they or their alliance won in earlier battles. If your driving motivation is competition and winning games, this event is not for you. If your main interest though is having fun, playing good games with great people, and making your mark on a multi-year story built by hundreds of fellow 40K gamers, then this is an event you want to join!

The 40K Narrative is broadly organized into three parts: (1) The Day Fight game rounds held during the day, (2) The Night Fight game rounds held in the evening, and (3) the Warlords council where teams plan their strategy for the day and night fights. Players can opt for the entire narrative experience or just drop in for individual games. All the details for different participation options are available in the NOVA Open online store.



Register for the Friday lunchtime NOVA 40K Narrative Recon Squad. Armies are 200pts and constructed to event specific rules ensuring a focus on sergeants and grunts, with each acting independently. Players will fight for the Virtue or Human alliances throughout, with their side determined at their first appearance. Warlords will command their alliance by leading their teammates in choosing missions and opponents toward campaign objectives. See the event primer for all details.



The Warhammer 40,000 Trios Team Tournament at the NOVA Open is a twist on always-popular team play for 40K. Players register and compete in teams of three. Over the course of three rounds on Thursday each player battles once on their own using a full size army list, and twice using a smaller list partnered with each of their teammates. This gives players a chance to field all their usual toys, and requires them to be able to fight on their own, but also ensures two great games battling alongside two friends, an excellent way to play 40K!  NOVA 40K Trios is intended to be a fun, casual event, with significant emphasis on teams' narrative theme, and an individual Warlord Achievements track alongside the primary team scoring. See the event primer for details.



Lightning storms have blanketed a once industrious hiveworld near the Maelstrom, transforming it into an ecologically unstable death world.  Lit terrain, dimmed lights, sounds and a great time make this version of Games Workshops Apocalypse event more exciting. Glowpocalypse uses the most recent apocalypse rules. Bring your best 3,000pt army, including Forge World lists, units, and of course, Super Heavies for this exclusive Glowpocalypse: LightningStorm events. These after-dinner specials set up on our unique effects laden, lighting our overnight battles. Prepare to blast your way to control the unique objectives. This event will be limited on space, so grab tickets early if you want to participate. Teams will be roughly divided between the forces of order and chaos, depending on how many players of each army type show up. The side that has controls the most objectives and accumulates the most victory points by the end of game wins. We will be playing a scenario right out of the Apocalypse book, but won't disclose which one until the event. Just build an army that can take objectives AND smash face!