The NOVA Open’s Kill Team GT is a two day, six round tournament. Rounds 1-3 will consist of single games. After Round 3, your record will be effectively reset, and you will be seeded in a bracket of 8 other players closest to you in win-loss record. Bracket seeds are determined by the total points you score in Rounds 1-3. Once the event is bracketed, you will play exclusively within your bracket until the completion of the sixth round. Rounds 4-6 will follow a best-of-three format. All players are expected to complete all six rounds, unless they indicate withdrawal on their Round 4 scorecard to participate in alternate Sunday activities.



Up to six 8-person Kill Team Pods (based on registration). Players will be assigned to a Pod at the start of the event, and will then compete in a 3-round tournament against the other members of their Pod.



Jump into the battle between the Virtue and Humanity in the NOVA 40K Narrative! Players will fight a skirmish using Games Workshop's Kill Team rules, trying to achieve critical mission objectives chosen by their alliance's Warlords. Each player's affiliation will be determined at their first appearance. New and learning players are very welcome to join, this is strictly a fun, casual event. See the 40K Narrative event primer for more details.

Event Organizer: Ben Cash and Mike Brandt