Alfonso Giraldes aka Banshee is a Slayer Sword Winner, gold medalist at the World Expo Awards, boxart painter for amny companies (Knight Models, Scale 75, Coolminiornot, Pegaso, Andrea Miniatures, Kabuki studio), and has been teaching around the world since 2005.  He is one of the most prolific teachers and artists in the last decade.  Alfonso also worked for Forge World as designer.   

His main passion is miniatures because this world let him develop many skills and each new project makes him better. He is passionate for improving. He has been giving classes for years, having a lot of students, some of them are newbies some of the most renowned painters, people like Diego Esteban, Marc Masclans, Arsies, Ruben Martinez, Lotina, Emuse and many many others. He considers teaching one of the most interesting tasks he has done because teaching is a very good way to learn.   He feels doing courses forced him to understand his own painting and how the colours, light and volume work to better translate it to a student. 

Modelling is not only his passion, it is his life. His main goal in this aspect of my life is to bring the idea that technique are only a method and a tool to create and show our ideas.  That’s why he encourages all the newbies to run away from recipes and try to understand things without being constrained by the pure searching of the perfect blending. Painting miniatures must be not limited and it should be considered only as “just painting”, same as illustration or 2D painting, where every different style is well welcome. Facebook page:  Putty and Paint site:  

Banshee will be teaching a series of hobby and display seminars, mostly hands-on, at NOVA Open.  These seminars include: 

  • Banshee Paint a Bust
  • Designing Colors for Space Marine Armies
  • Paint a Bust from 0 to 100%
  • Freehands
  • Ambiance Class 75mm


Based in Augsburg, Germany, Roman Lappat is working as a professional, self-employed miniature painter and miniature painting teacher for over a decade. He teaches weekend classes all over Europe for big groups of students and private coaching sessions with a single student. Roman focuses his teaching on helping his student meet their needs on their journey of learning. In 2017, Roman will return to NOVA Open as a seminar instructor, Capital Palette  judge (third year) and overall NOVA Open seminar co-coordinator.

Roman is repeatedly invited to be a part of judging teams at figure shows all over Europe and even in China.  He is well known throughout the worldwide miniature painting community, he always says it is because he tries to help and share his experiences as much as he can.

His painting style is a free ride through art history, brush techniques and dozens of little tricks that he learned in the last ten years being full time painter and teacher. He says he is not carefully applying color after color, he is painting.  With his unique painting style he has won medals and prizes at numerous international figure shows for several years, but always reminds himself that this is not what he paints for. He paints for the fun of it and to help others. He plays a big part in the Massive Voodoo blog, a blog that focuses on inspiration, free tutorials and step by steps for seven years now with mostly daily updates, run by the MV-Team.  Website:; Instagram:                                       


Matt DiPietro is one of the most prolific miniatures painter working today. He started his career as lead studio painter for Privateer Press helping to shape the painting of the Warmachine and Hordes studio models for nearly a decade. These days he makes his living teaching the next generation of miniature artisans, and creating miniature art for private collectors under the banner of Contrast Miniatures. When you hear Matt talk about miniatures, art, sculpture, and painting you feel the love he has for all aspects of our hobby. Matt strives daily to bridge the gap between the worlds of hobby miniatures and fine-art through his teachings and artwork. To find out more about Matt visit his website:  Facebook page:  

Matt DiPietro will be teaching a series of hobby and display seminars at NOVA Open to include:  

  • Hands-on Sketch Style
  • Understanding Textures
  • Blending Bootcamp
  • Building a Display Base
  • Monster Flesh: Painting Non-human skin


Shoshie Bauer is an internationally known award-winning painter and teacher.  Shoshie received her BA in Studio-art and painted professional watercolors prior to switching to miniatures full time in 2013.  In 2013 she received her Reaper Bones 1 Kickstarter rewards which jumpstarted her obsession with miniature painting into a full-time career. She was further encouraged when she won awards at Privateer Press's P3 Grandmaster Painting competition and Best in Show at Con on the Cob in 2014. Since then she has placed with several competitions with medals and awards at shows such as Crystal Brush and World Expo. She has taken classes from many international award-winning painters. Since then Shoshie has cultivated a wide social media presence and begun sharing her knowledge through Teaching what she has learned.  Facebook page:    

Shoshie will be teaching a series of hands-on hobby and display seminars at NOVA Open to include:

  • A Very Basic Basics Class
  • Realistic Skin Tone
  • Intro to Scenic Basing



Death Ray Designs started by creating YouTube painting tutorials and shortly after launch began collaborating with MiniWarGaming to provide extra content for them; then they purchased their first laser cutter and began producing terrain and accessory kits for our favorite war games.  They hold their products to the highest standard and personally produce every part of the kits that they can in the USA.  While they are a very small company, they put their passion into every product they produce.  In 2016, Death Ray Designs ran the very successful Black Site X and Rapid Vanguard Kickstarter. Website:

The Death Ray Designs team will be teaching hands-on terrain classes on:

  • Prep and Assembly of MDF Terrain
  • Painting MDF Terrain (Factory New)
  • Painting MDF Terrain (Rust and Ruin)
  • Modifying MDF Terrain (Destruction and Rubble)


Based out of Houston, Texas, LightCraft Miniature Studios is the brainchild of long time Star Wars enthusiasts Madeline Cockrell and Jeffrey Bain. Created at the beginning of 2016, LightCraft has rapidly gained renown and a strong following for repainting and modifying ships from X-Wing the Miniatures Game.

Madeline has been drawing since she could hold a crayon, and has been creating art for most of her life. After falling in love with X-Wing TMG, she began to experiment with repainting Star Wars miniatures. In translating her experience with acrylic and oil painting to miniature painting, she developed multiple unique methods for creating striking and realistic models. Now, a year later, she has achieved notoriety in the X-Wing community for her WWII style nose-art, impeccable attention to detail and creative paint schemes. This is her first time teaching seminars, and she is excited to share her most asked-about techniques with fellow X-Wing painters. You can follow Madeline's work on her Instagram ( and her Facebook Page (

Jeffrey Bain is the mechanical mind behind LightCraft, responsible for the creative modifications and sculpted ships that Madeline goes on to paint. He has designed 3D printed pieces that allow X-Wing miniatures to reach their full potential; fully folding winds, rotating cockpits, and powerful artillery replacements. He also designs fully 3D printed ships through Shapeways. Website:

LightCraft Miniature Studios is teaching:

  • Intro to painting Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing Miniatures
  • Highlighting and Shading Inorganic Miniatures
  • Intro to Freehand


Wesley Cogdal is the founder of Stiff Neck Studio with over a decade of miniature painting experience. Stiff Neck Studio was created in early 2003 and Wes has nurtured it into a high quality miniature paining service. Every day the studio artists breathe life into their client’s visions. Stiff Neck Studio strives to bring the war-gaming community the best possible product that they can. They are artists and gaming enthusiast, and truly love every aspect of the game and it shows in their work.

Wes and team have artwork featured in Games Workshop’s White Dwarf magazines, Forge World’s web gallery as well as web casts from as far as Australia on Beasts of War. Armies that they paint for commission routinely find their way on websites like Bell of Lost Souls (BOLS) and Dakka Dakka. They sell many miniatures on EBay and we are proud to say that we have 100% feedback on all transactions. They believe the customer is always right and will always go out of their way to ensure there complete satisfaction.

Stiff Neck Studio believes in giving back to the gaming community that supports us. They routinely do raffle armies for foundations such as The Wounded Warrior Project, Fisher House and the Breast Cancer Society. In addition to their charity work, they also support gaming events with prize support ranging from fully painted Forge World pieces to gift certificates for studio work. They attend as many events as they can throughout the year. Website:


White Metal Games is a miniature painting commission service based out of Knightdale, NC. Website:  

Preston “Values” Bernard is an avid wargamer and hobbyist, and has been enthralled by the lavishly detailed miniatures and lore of Warhammer and Warhammer 40k for nearly 15 years.  Over this time he has amassed a large collection of miniatures from a number of lines painted in a variety of styles, constantly trying to push his work further with each new project.  Winner of multiple painting awards, he has been featured on Games Workshop’s Facebook page and the Forge World website.  Preston enjoys developing new techniques and working together with the exceptionally talented team of artists at WMG to create miniatures that stand out both on the table and on the display shelf. 

Andy “The Painter” Lingoes is one of our more seasoned painters, he is a machine built only for painting miniatures!  Andy has a self admitted plastic crack addiction that only we in the industry understand. He loves painting, kitbashing, and almost every detail of modeling miniatures (except for cleaning sprews!). His passion for the hobby is only exceeded by his passion for his family! Andy’s favorite hobby is killing Tau by the thousands! 

The White Metal Games team will be teaching classes on:

  • Intro to airbrushing
  • A four hour hands-on airbrushing class.  Class size is limited so sign up soon!


Vincent Venturella is a passionate hobbyist and instructor. Vince has been involved in all things nerd related since first reading the Lord of the Rings in 1989 and seeking out fantasy worlds and games to explore. He first got involved with tiny plastic figures in 1997 with Warhammer Fantasy and that has led to a 20 year passion for painting. Vince hosts Warhammer Weekly every week and is best known for his Hobby Cheating video series. Vince has won awards at many conventions for his work including Fan Favorite at last year's NOVA Open. Vince's main hope is to help everyone take their next step on their own personal hobby journey. Youtube Channel: 

Vince will be teaching a series of hands-on class to include:

  • Battle Damage
  • Freehand
  • Working with True Metallic metals
  • Speed Painting with Inks, Washes and Glazes


PoweredPlay Gaming aims to electrify play, spark personal creativity and empower individuality in gamers, hobbyists and collectors alike.  From lights, to smoke, to sound and more, we’re giving you the tools and component to customize your armies, plans, historical models and whatever your mind can create.  Seminars will be run by Chris Wessling. 

Chris Wessling, Co-founder and President of PoweredPlay Gaming Inc. is the consummate mad scientist. Well, OK, closer to a mad engineer. It was a conversation Between Chris and his son that sparked PoweredPlay. With well over 35 years of gaming experience, 18 of which include table top gaming, he knows his games. Chris's analytical and tactical mind make for a very solid opponent no matter what the game, and his good-natured spirit make Chris a good person. Facebook Page:

PoweredPlay Gaming is teaching

  • Introduction to lighting
  • Advanced lighting techniques
  • The basics of DC circuitry theory


Joe Kopena has a professional background in engineering design research, and greatly enjoys the hobby aspects of miniatures wargaming. He has used 3D modeling and printing extensively for his own widely followed terrain builds as well as to make critical components for the innovative NOVA 40k Narrative, LibertyHammer 40k Narrative, Molokh Gambit X-Wing Narrative Campaign, and other projects. Check out these efforts and his tutorials on 3D modeling and printing via his blog at:

Please see our seminar store for these and other great seminars!