1. A Convention Access Pass (CAP) is required to attend the NOVA Open; it is good from Sunday-Sunday. Single day passes are also available if one does not wish to attend the entire convention.

  2. CAPs and Day Passes are non-refundable, non-transferable items. 

  3. The Early Bird pricing on the CAP is over; the cost for a CAP is $60. Each Day Pass is $20.

  4. There are two upgrades available which require the purchase of a CAP: SuperNOVA and DwarfNOVA. When you place an upgrade in your cart, a CAP will automatically be added and you will purchase both at checkout.

  5. The only people who will receive one of the NOVA Open's Premium Swag bags will be the "First 400" who purchase CAPs (and all 150 SuperNOVA upgrades). This is based on registration date alone.

  6. If a "First 400" cannot attend: The swag bag is forfeited unless arrangements are made ahead of time with Marti Seraphin ( for a friend to pick it up. NOVA Open will not ship.

  7. Use of board games from the NOVA Open library and/or participation in side events scheduled in that hall are free to those with a Pass; however, Board Game tournaments which confer prizes will require a nominal fee. If Board Game activities are planned in the Foundation Lounge, two drink tokens will be exchanged for a required $10 registration fee, as the Lounge is a fundraising venue for NOCF.