Mike Brandt: CEO

Mike Brandt founded the NOVA Open in Fall 2009, following the successful completion of an outdoor charity BBQ tournament held in August of that year. He operates as the NOVA Open's CEO, and sometimes considers "Organizing a Convention" to be his tabletop wargame of choice. He still avidly follows and plays Warhammer 40,000 and Malifaux, while also dabbling in the other games hosted at the NOVA Open just to keep up with the times. Mike also posts the NOVA Open and hobby thoughts at whiskey40k.com, and is an avid hobby-level musician. You'll find him constantly throughout the halls at the NOVA Open during all days of the convention, and strumming his guitar in the NOCF Charity Lounge during the convention's late nights. Say hello and shake his hand when you see him!


Owen Beste: Internal Assignment Manager

Owen Beste has been with NOVA Open since 2012 and is currently on the Nova Open board of directors. the Nova Open was his first 40k tournament and after one year he was hooked. He went on to run the 40k Narrative event for three years and joined the board to help with project management and IT work. Today he splits his time between Malifaux, Bolt Action, board games, and a budding interest in playing the drums.


Neil Gilstrap: Information Technology Director

Neil Gilstrap is a long time general gamer and 40K enthusiast.  He got involved with the NOVA Open in 2010 as an attendee and podcaster for the 11th Company Podcast.  Since then, he's always been involved from the sidelines every year, finally joining the executive board in 2014 when he moved to the DC area. Neil is a software engineer by day and he lends his services to assisting with the online store, convention management system.  Neil is also the tournament organizer for the 40K GT. 


Bob Likins: Terrain Minister

Bob Likins has been associated with the NOVA Open (as an attendee, Director, and/or Board Member) since 2010, but he's been a hobbyist for thirty years. He loves painting, air brushing, converting, and basing all kinds of models, as well as designing and producing terrain pieces. That's why he's the Director for Creative Projects and Deliverables (a.k.a., Minister of Terrain) and the head Army Appearance Judge.


Roy Scales: Admin Console Support

Roy Scales has been with NOVA Open since 2013 and as a board member since 2015. He is an avid X-wing miniature tabletop gamer and a very big Star Wars fan.  He is a founding member of NOVA Squadron and owner of AFewManeuvers.com.


Marti Seraphin: Nova Open Registrar

Marti has been the NOVA Open Registrar for five years.  Although she knows little to nothing about the game systems, she works hard to ensure that registration, check in and customer service are the best they can be for all our attendees.  In her spare time, Marti enjoys exercise classes, running and spending time with her family.


Nick Thomas: Operations Director

Nick is the Director of Operations for the NOVA Open. You can find him around the gaming halls ensuring the event runs smoothly. He is a long time hobbyist with board games and Warhammer 40k, but now spends his gaming time playing Malifaux and some good Commander games of Magic. He is also an avid soccer player and always try to get in a few games a week.


Stu: Build Guy & Creative Consultant

Stuart joined the executive board in 2013 with the understanding that there would be cookies.