Miniature figure art is an increasingly central component of the NOVA Open. Central to its growth is presenting an ever-increasing number of opportunities for artists and aspiring artists to learn, compete, and participate in the NOVA Open. This drive for an increased emphasis on art led to the development of a unique new activity for the NOVA Open 2015. This Live Action Speed Painting Contest will see both established and aspiring artists compete with the opportunity to show off their skills to convention-goers in a live setting, receive adjudication and tips after completion from world class artist/judges, such as Roman Lappat and Dave Taylor, and compete to win GREX Airbrushes. It is designed to be a fun and exciting juried live art event with cool prizes! Twenty contestants will compete throughout the weekend at airbrush stations with overspray panels and support items. Painters will be provided with one pre-built model and a selection of Vallejo Model Air Paints with which to demonstrate their skills within a set time format. The models will be judged by the NOVA Open Capital Palette judges, with advice and tips available after adjudication. First, Second, and Third Place winners will receive a GREX airbrush; all contestants will take away their own painted tanks (or can donate them to the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation for auction).